Portable Truck Scales
Scale Options Available Include 
Ticket Type Printer,
Spare Tire, Spindle and Mounting Bracket Set 
No Jacks or tools
required for setup

Truly Portable
Self  Contained

Sets Up In Less 
Than 5 Minutes, 
On Any Hard Level 

Pulls Behind Vehicle at Hwy Speeds

Western Forage Systems
Rod St. Clair
Phone 208-896-4352
Hydraulic Portable 
Truck Scales
        Features include

           Hydraulic Lift Kit

         12 Volt Power Pack

        Self-Contained Solar
          Charging System

         4 Attached Ramps

    Stop Lights, Turn Signals 
       And Clearance Lights

      Model 640XL Indicator
              And Stand

     Weatherproof indicator
             storage box  

        Tires and Spindles

          2 5/16 Ball hitch

    50,000 LB Deck Capacity
   Call for pricing 

Standard Scale 
Size 7 1/2 ft. x 10 ft.
 7"High deck
NEW! Wide Model Scale
Size 7 1/2 ft.x 15 ft.
Designed for Cotton Gins and 
Other "Wider" Vehicles
Includes all the features of the standard scale
Electric Brake System with Brakeaway Control
Additional 4 Ramps

Be efficient by hauling at or Near Capacity without exceeding legal limits.
The Standard Platform measures 7 ½ ft. x 10 ft. Single or tandem axles will fit on the platform. Extra heavy steel frame is used. Fifty Thousand lb. capacity is standard, using rugged 99.75 percent accuracy Weigh-Tronix weigh bars.

Weigh-Tronix Model 640XL Indicator:The 640XL Indicator  is low cost and simple, Designed to withstand today’s harsh, farm environment. The indicator is ideal for Grain cart applications with its compact design and the 100 alpha-numeric memory channels can track yields of individual fields or the entire harvest season. 
A report can easily be transferred to a printer or transfer data system for ease of record keeping. 
With the NEW Auto-Loc capabilities for Livestock weighing, the indicator can Automatically accumulate livestock  weights and indicate number of animals in each group, the average, and the total of all the livestock weighed. For truck platform scales and TMR mixers,
Use the model 640XL with its large 2 inch display for ease of viewing. 

 8" High deck rated at 60,000 lb capacity  Call for pricing

Pictured below is a 7" high deck, we have now converted over to only making an 8" deck for increased capacity and stability.
Please call for approximate build-time.